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A New Dawn is an AU Mass Effect Andromeda role playing forum. We are based in the year 2819. We begin our story directly after the arrival of the Hyperion (the human ark) to the Nexus. Alec Ryder has gone MIA upon Habitat 7 and thus the title of human Pathfinder is inherited by his daughter, Sara Ryder, as Alec requested of SAM (his AI).

What makes this an AU? Well, unlike the game which departs the Milky Way after the second game, we depart the Milky Way after the Reaper War. Shepard has destroyed the reapers and with them gave their life for the Milky Way. This means that the canons of the trilogy are allowed to be played on the site, if you can find a good reason for them to be in the Andromeda that is. First contact with the Angara has been made!

 Board Offline
Due to Ellie, the co-founder, having to absent herself for family reasons, I will need to temporally shut down the site. We will reopen around August or late July, but until then, I do not have time to take care of two sites.

If you want to join our other Mass Effect, or would like to collect your things from A New Dawn, contact me on this site: http://wfowd.jcink.net

Sorry Everyone!

~ Andromeda Initiative (Aliens)
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